​​Business Consulting
Steel City Advisors' Business Consulting practice primarily focusses on Strategy Development; Business Planning, Business Development, including Sales and Marketing to achieve the clients’ desired result. 

​Project Management
Steel City Advisors' Project Management practice utilizes a disciplined client integrated program structure with clear roles and responsibilities.


​​Process Improvement 

Steel City Advisors Process Improvement Practices focusses on Best in Class Benchmarking to establish improvement goals.


Primary and Secondary Research and Benchmarking
Steel City Advisors’ strong networks with Colleges and Universities provides cost effective, leading edge methods for the Primary and Secondary research and benchmarking practices.

Steel City Advisors’ strong networks with Colleges and Universities provides advanced, cost effective, leading edge methods for analyzing large databases. The processing of volumes of data will glean new insightful information to support data driven decision-making. 

Executive Coaching
Steel City Advisors’ human resources practice focusses on enabling leaders to increase employee engagement. The impact of employee engagement affects the success of every business. A leader without any followers is just a person going for a walk.

Business Intermediaries
Steel City Advisors’ business intermediary practice focusses on facilitating business parties to reaching and agreement. We try to bring together partners wherever and whenever possible.




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​Steel City Advisors

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​20 Myler Street, Hamilton, Ontario L8L 6E6

How Steel City Advisors Works-Building Strong Relationships

Building strong, long-term relationships with our clients is the cornerstone of our business.  Repeat business and client recommendations is what we aspire to achieve. Steel City Advisors' client work ranges from strategic planning, performance improvement projects across a range of functional areas; organizational effectiveness; project management, research, analytics and business intermediaries. Whatever the size of the client engagement, our associate teams blend seamlessly into our clients' operations, becoming a value-added extension of their capabilities.  Engagements will either be quoted on a per project or per hours worked basis.

Steel City Advisors provides the following Professional Services: