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​​​Executive Coaching

Steel City Advisors’ human resources practice focusses on enabling leaders to increase employee engagement. The impact of employee engagement affects the success of every business. A leader without any followers is just a person going for a walk.
Academic research has demonstrated that when employees have a personal connection to their job, organization or team, they are motivated to excel at their work. When employees excel, the business excel. Among some of the findings, academic found that high levels of engagement affect nine performance outcomes. Compared with bottom-quartile units, top-quartile units average:

•    37% lower absenteeism
•    25% lower employee turnover (in high-turnover organizations)
•    65% lower employee turnover (in low-turnover organizations)
•    28% less shrinkage and shrinkage
•    48% fewer safety incidents
•    41% fewer quality incidents (defects)
•    10% higher customer metrics
•    21% higher productivity
•    22% higher profitability

Coaching leaders to motivate employees is important for business or all sizes, however the approach needs to be tailored to the culture of the organization. Steel City Advisors offers a survey process to allow organizations to develop a baseline for employee engagement and a management coaching process to accelerate employee engagement an to full leverage the organization’s talent to improve on the critical business drivers.

Executive Coaching to create the right business culture is a prerequisite for strategy implement. A poor organizational culture will always trump a well-developed strategy, as implementation will have a low probability of success. 


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