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Business Consulting

Steel City Advisors' Business Consulting practice primarily focusses in Strategy Development; Business Planning, Business Development, including Sales and Marketing to achieve the clients’ desired result. 

Steel City Advisors uses a proven methodology to assess a client's current state and expected future state by a given point in time. 

                                                                      “If you don’t know where you are going, any direction will do”
                                                      “If you don’t know how far you need to go and how urgently you need to get there, any speed will do”

Understanding the market attractiveness of product and service positioning options and the client’s sustainable competitive advantages is at the core of the assessment. Steel City Advisors leverages the embedded knowledge of the clients’ management and employees which is then augmented by Steel City Advisors’ external research and networks to determine: “Where does the client currently make money and why?”  “Where will the client make money in the future and why?” Due to changes in the business environment, competitors or customer needs, many organizations realize "what got you here won't get you there". Business owners require confidence that the range of potential options is based on industry understanding and a comprehensive picture of the business over the long term.


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     20 Myler Street, Hamilton, ON  L8L 6E6