Functional Areas of Expertise

Steel City Advisors is the face of our Community of Associates to develop proposals in response to client needs. The Steel City Advisors community is led by our Principals and is a fusion of Senior Associates (Retired Executives) and Junior Associates (Researchers and Academia).  The Principals create project teams and lead the the  associates through the quotation process for potential engagements. The Principals are ultimately accountable for project completion and also monitor the quality of the solutions and the level of customer satisfaction.

​Our Senior Associates are driven achievers with the mental energy and stimulation to cross industry boundaries. Senior Associates are selected from various industry and functional backgrounds based on their experience and demonstrated ability to collaborate with others to resolve challenging problems and deliver results for their clients. Their business acumen allows them to embrace a client vision upfront and accelerate the ramp-up time on new assignments to demonstrate progress and results.

Former colleagues of the Founder from the Metals Industry with established contacts in the Metals Ecosystem and the Automotive, Construction, Tubular Products and Distribution markets have joined the Steel City Advisors Community and are exercising their  proven work experience to lead major projects.  They are complemented by our growing community of other Senior Associates from both the private and public sectors.

Our Junior Associates (Masters and PHD students) are highly educated researchers with and advanced range of technical, critical thinking and creative skills. Junior Associates provide advanced analytical tools and skills and curious and probing minds to complement our Senior Associates on client projects. The Founders' contacts at the Ivey Business School have contributed to the evolution of the important role of Junior Associates within the Steel City Advisors' offering.

As a community for networking, our teams work with clients to identify problems; agree on project deliverables; provide quotations and get the job done to the highest standards on time and on budget.

Associates from Diverse Backgrounds, Industries and Functional Areas

​Steel City Advisors

Phone: 1-800-831-3198

​20 Myler Street, Hamilton, Ontario L8L 6E6


     20 Myler Street, Hamilton, ON  L8L 6E6